Tutoring Buffalo NYStutelage Innovations is most well known for providing the best tutoring services in WNY.

We provide one-on-one and small group tutoring for students and adults of all ages.  At Stutelage, a certified teacher will work with the student and/or parents to design an individualized instructional program that is motivating, engaging, and directly meets the student’s needs.  Through frequent progress monitoring, the tutor tracks the student’s progress of the specified core skills and modifies instruction to promote the highest level of success.  We believe in teaching beyond traditional academics, and work to challenge the students with higher order thinking and unique complex methods of academia.  We promote leadership, confidence, productivity, organization, positive work habits, and effective study skills. With all of these aspects combined, we’re confident that we provide the best tutoring services in WNY.

Stutelage employs only tutors who are highly qualified in the subject area.

Our tutors specialize in conveying material effectively, but also in serving as role models and mentors.  In a group setting, our tutors design lessons that hold student attention and use peer collaboration to help students gain skills to reach a high level of academic success. When tutoring one-on-one, each Stutelage tutor tailors the lesson to the student’s individual academic needs while providing insightful academic guidance and challenging opportunities that go beyond the prescribed curriculum.

 *Our cancellation policy states that tutors require 24 hours notice when a session needs to be rescheduled.  When less than 24 hours notice is given, you will be charged for the session.

Single Student 2-5 Students 6-20 Students
$40.00/session $30.00/session per student $28.00/session per student
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Miss Ali
PreK - Elementary
$32/ Daily Drop In
July 24 - July 28
9:00am - 12:00pm

Calling all Villains! Are you ready to explore what separates good vs. evil? Together we will create magical potions, read and discuss what characteristics make a good villain and uncover our own “rotten core.” Every story needs a great villain! Join us as we get to know Mal, Carlos, Evie and Jay!


ELA: Good to Evil Character Timelines
Science: Magic Flubber
Social Studies: Character Geographic Origins
Culinary Arts: Good vs. Evil Cupcakes
Art: Fairy Godmother’s Wands
Cooperative Learning: Catch the Villain


ELA: Mal’s Spell Book
Science: Fizzing Potions
Social Studies: History of Maleficent’s Road to Evil
Art: Maleficent Horns
Culinary Arts: Mal’s Love Spell Cookies
Cooperative Learning: Sleeping Beauty Games


ELA: Magic Mirror On the Wall
Science: Evil Queen’s Storm in a Jar
Social Studies: Evolution of the Crown
Art: Evil Queen and Evie’s Box
Cooperative Learning: Snow White’s Poison Apple

Music: Descendant’s Sing Along
ELA: Live Evil Palindromes
Social Studies: Map Making Activity
Culinary Arts: Cruella D’evil
Art: Jafar Hats
Cooperative Learning: Villain Bingo

Math: Popcorn Graphing
Social Studies: Famous Do-Gooders
Cooperative Learning: Photo Booth Fun
Culinary Arts: Rotten to the Core Apple Pops
Art: Descendants Bracelets
Cooperative Learning: Princess Ball
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Disney Descendants Summer Camp

July 24, 2017, 9:00am - July 28, 2017, 11:00am

Stutelage Innovations

Miss Ali PreK - Elementary $32/ Daily Drop In July 24 - July 28 9:00am - 12:00pm Calling all Villains! Are you ready to explore what separates good vs. evil? Together we will create magical potion...

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