Symmetrical String Art


Symmetrical String Art

String can be an exciting tool for kids to paint with! Painting with string creates unique and beautiful pieces of artwork! This activity is fun for all ages and can be done at home or in the classroom. You can tie this the activity in with your math lesson by discussing symmetry with your students!


  • aprons or smocks232323232fp4335__nu=3236_3_9_755_WSNRCG=3484674977324nu0mrj
  • a piece of large white construction paper
  • several pieces of string cut in about 2 feet pieces
  • washable paint in a variety of colors
  • paper plates to put the paint on
  • a covered work surface


  1. Lay out a white piece of paper folded in half. Open it back up laying it flat on your work surface. 232323232fp43448_nu=3236_3_9_755_WSNRCG=3484674986324nu0mrj
  2. Take a piece of string and dip 3/4 of it in the paint, leaving the one end free of paint for you to hold on to.
  3. Lay the paint covered string on only ONE side of the folded paper. You can lay it down in any kind of fun shape or pattern. Make sure to leave the clean end of the string out so you can pick it back up. Repeat this step several times with as many colors as you would like! Be sure to keep the string designs on only one side of the paper.
  4. Once you have all the colors and designs you want, fold the paper back together and put your hand on top of the paper. Press down hard and rub your hand around to make sure the paint transfers on the inside.
  5. Open your paper back up and see your beautiful symmetrical creation!

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