Handprint Winter Cardinals


Handprint Winter Cardinals


These handprint winter cardinals make a beautiful keepsake that you can display all winter long! NoTwoAlike

This activity is also a great companion to the book No Two Alike by Keith Baker. The book describes two red birds who take a journey together through the winter and discover that everything is unique and beautiful.


1. Blue construction paper

2. Red paint

3. White paint

4. Small paint brushes

5. Small piece of black and orange construction paper

6. Brown construction paper

7. Glue


1. Rip the brown paper to create branches and glue them to the blue construction paper in the shape of tree branches.

P1240490     P1240496   P1240497

2. Paint your child’s hand red and have them push it down on the blue construction paper. When they lift their hand up, they will have their bird! Repeat this step.

P1240499   P1240501  P1240500

3. Once they have made their two birds they can paint a red circle for the head at the top of their handprint. You can also paint little feathers on top of the birds’ heads.


4. When the handprint birds are dry, cut two small black triangles and two small orange triangles. Glue a black triangle on the head of one of the birds and then an orange triangle on for the beak. See picture for example of where to glue. Repeat this step with the other bird.

5. Then use the white paint to make snowflakes around their birds and branches. Use the handle tip of the paintbrush to dot eyes on your birds.

P1240518  P1240517  P1240520

Hang up your beautiful and unique winter cardinals! Be sure to write the date or your child’s age on the back of this keepsake craft!


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